Little Mez was born from a love of and passion for, agave based spirits. So we are always looking for ways to show off Tequila’s ‘smokey cousin’ Mezcal. Our Pineapple Barbacoa is prepared in-house in our signature bottles allowing us to showcase the glass, still smoking from charred rosemary. It has fast become one of our most popular drinks and it presents beautifully too.

This old fashioned style drink is gently stirred down over ice, then strained over a fresh ice cube ideally in a pre-chilled, ‘smokey’ glass which we achieve by placing a rosemary sprig on our mini cast iron pans, lighting it up for a moment then allowing the embers to burn down ever so slightly before placing the glass upside down on top to infuse as we walk it over to our guests’ table. We then ‘reveal’ the glass and add our signature stamped ice cube as the smoke and its accompanying aroma releases.

“We wanted to really push the smoke flavour in this drink, so smoking the glass with rosemary really adds an extra element, combined with the subtle pineapple sweetness, it is a great, balanced drink with lots of complexity and depth, perfect for sipping.

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